About Me

I am a digital and mobile strategist who is enamored with the future possibilities enabled by the always connected cloud and mobile.

An early recognition of the future possibilities enabled by the next generation of cell phones and other always connected devices led me to co found FonWallet as the first truly mobile wallet, of which many features are currently being implemented in some of today’s more established mobile wallets.

I am currently focused on the possibilities enabled by wireless carrier location and other data combined with an understanding of the real world contextual meaning of that data.  This led me to start Navanu technologies where we are developing a new generation of carrier based location capabilities for indoor environments, along with the capability to utilize the technology for a new generation of applications and monetization opportunities.

There are many blogs that talk about the latest and greatest from the startup world. This blog will focus on innovation opportunities in existing established companies and markets, because  innovation at larger corporations when given the opportunity can have an out-sized impact.


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